Savings Accounts

Life is unpredictable, you never know what is going to happen, and you never know when you may have to buy something for your car (tires, battery, motor, etc.) or even for your house (refrigerator, cooking stove, heating/cooling unit, etc.). Be prepared for these moments with our interest-bearing saving accounts. When you have funds already put back for emergencies, it will take some of the stress off of your shoulders. Don't wait for something to happen, start saving now!

Regular Savings Accounts

  • A $100 minimum initial deposit required.
  • Interest accrues daily on all balances.
  • There will be a $25 service charge on accounts closed within the first 90 days of date opened. 
  • A monthly service charge of $8.00 if daily balance of $100 is not maintained
  • Paper statement fee – $2.00 per occurrence.

Money Market

  • Free personalized checks
  • ATM/VISA Check Card
  • Unlimited in house withdrawals and deposits
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Bill Pay
  • No more than six transfers or withdrawals per calendar month or statement cycle of at least 4 weeks to another account or third party
  • Interest accrues on balances of $2,500 or more
  • $2,500 minimum initial deposit required
  • You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $2,500 to obtain the annual percentage yield disclosed
  • Monthly service charge of $10.00 and bank will not pay interest if daily balance of $2,500 is not maintained

Christmas Club

  • Unlimited deposits.
  • No monthly service charge.
  • Last day to make a deposit is the last Friday in October. 
  • $5.00 minimum initial deposit required.

Certificate of Deposit

Another way to save money is by opening a CD (Certificate of Deposit). Our CD's allow the customer to pick the term that works best for them and earn a certain interest rate for that term. CD's are a great way to start saving for your child's college.

  • Maturities range from 7 days to 5 years.
  • A $1,000 minimum deposit is required to open an account.

Individual Retirement Accounts

The sooner you begin saving for retirement, the larger your nest egg will be when you need it. Put money aside at your own pace and earn competitive rates of interest until you begin withdrawing funds in retirement. An IRA will supplement Social Security or other retirement income, and the amount you contribute each tax year could reduce the amount of money on which your taxable income is based. Let us help you save for your future with a fixed or variable IRA. A Farmers & Merchants account representative will be happy to guide you through the arrangements.

  • Maturities range from 3 months to 5 years.
  • A $250 minimum deposit is required to open an account.

The types of IRAs offered are:

  • Regular
  • Spousal
  • Roth
  • SEP


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