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Wire Transfers

The Farmers & Merchants Bank provides incoming and outgoing wire transfers (both domestic and foreign).


*subject to change without notice

Outgoing $25
Incoming $15
International Outgoing $60
International Incoming $50

Wire Instructions

Reorder Checks

Harland Clarke LogoAre you running low on checks? No problem! There are two ways to reorder checks. You can call the bank at 731-692-3761 or you can visit www.OrderMyChecks.com and follow the simple instructions.

Bank Routing Number


You can also find your bank routing number and account number on the MICR line on your check. (See the image below.)

Check Image

Debit Card

A Farmers & Merchants Bank debit card offers you the convenience of not having to write checks or carry cash to make purchases. When you present your debit card to a merchant at the time of purchase, the amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account. A debit card also acts as an ATM card, giving you access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of your car. Contact us today at 731-692-3761 for a debit card application. Issuance of a debit card is pending upon the approval of The Farmers & Merchants Bank.

To report a lost or stolen debit card, call 1-800-383-8000.

To report fraudulent activity on your debit card, call Shazam Dispute Services at 1-833-288-1126 available 24/7.

With a debit card, you may:

  • Purchase goods (in person, by phone or by internet)
  • Pay for services (in person, by phone or by internet)
  • Get cash from a merchant (if the merchant permits)
  • Get cash from a participating financial institution
  • Do anything that you can do with a credit card ( that a participating merchant will accept with a credit card)
  • Check savings account and checking account balances
  • Get cash withdrawals (limited to $750 per day)
  • Transfer funds between accounts

NOTE: You may not exceed $750 in transactions per calendar day.
Charges: $8 (to replace a lost debit card)

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Reporting a lost of stolen debit card is simple. You can call the bank during business hours at 731-692-3761 or you can call 1-800-383-8000 for assistance after business hours. We also have a product called "Shazam Bolt$" which is an app for your phone. The app has many beneficial features including the ability to temporarily block or unblock your card if you ever lose or misplace your card. For more information about the Shazam Bolt$ app, go to the Additional Products tabs and then Online Services.


Remember your favorite times with a customized debit card. Personalize your debit card with picture of your choice. Your family, friends, pets, vacation spot: the possibilities are endless! Visit the link below and upload your picture to create your card. Crop it, make it bigger, or scale it down to the perfect size. SHAZAM myPic Studio is easy to use and requires no photo-editing experience. Create your new favorite card today!

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Credit Card

The Farmers & Merchants Bank will be happy to provide you with a Business or Consumer Credit Card application; however, issuance of the card is pending upon approval of the governing financial institution.

Apply today!

Safe Deposit Boxes

Why do you need a safe deposit box? Because some things are not easily replaced, such as: important documents, family heirlooms, and expensive jewelry. Don’t wait for a flood, fire, or home break-in to decide it’s time to protect these things! Safe deposit boxes are available at our Main office in Dyer, Trenton office, and Humboldt office. (Not FDIC insured.)

Safe Deposit Box Fees
Size A (2" x 5") & (3" x 5") $15/year
Size B (5" x 5") $20/year
Size C (3" x 10") $25/year
Size D (5" x 10") $30/year
Size E (10" x 10") $40/year
Lost Key $25
Drill box to open $100



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