service Charges & Fees

*Subject to change without notice.
*Effective August 1, 2018

Insufficient Fee or Overdraft $30

Daily Overdraft Fee

(after the 3rd consecutive business day of overdraft)

Stop Payment Fee $25
Returned Check Charge Back Fee $5
Telephone Transfer $2
Additional Statement $2
Account Research



Balance Customer Accounts


$10 minimum

Debit Card Replacement $8
Money Order or Cashier's Check $2
Tax Levy or Garnishment $50
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $25
Wire Transfer - Incoming $15
International Wire Transfer - Outgoing $60
International Wire Transfer - Incoming $50
Miscellaneous Copies $1/Page

$5/first 2 pages

$1/additional page

Print Checks at Bank (12 checks) $5
Replacement Night Deposit Locked Bag $35

Withdrawal from Christmas Club or Vacation Account

(outside of the normal time to withdrawal)



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